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Cloud-based identity and access management for all your applications

RSA Aveksa's cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution provides business users with simple and easy access to applications through single sign-on (SSO). At the same time, it provides Information Security teams with insight into who has access to which applications throughout the organization. IAM delivered from the cloud lets organizations take advantage of the industry-leading access governance solution with zero capital expenditure.

RSA Aveksa's MyAccessLive subscribers can obtain visibility of who has access to what applications quickly, allowing them to understand exactly what permissions they possess based on the user's role and job responsibilities. MyAccessLive allows users to run periodic reviews, validate access policies and report on access as required by industry regulations or internal policies. Additionally, MyAccessLive automates provisioning and access change activities, such as employee onboarding and offboarding, transfers, and access reviews.

With RSA Aveksa's MyAccessLive solution, organizations can:

  • Increase user access visibility and control with fine-grained application entitlements
  • Define, measure and enforce access policies, including segregation-of-duties policies
  • Review and report on access for continuous compliance assessments and audits